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February 15, 2012


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Two Steps to Start

:bulletgreen: Create a new account
This is not necessary, per se, but if you have in mind to do more than just one or two sheets of adoptables, it might be a good idea to start a new account. This way you won't spam your watchers' inbox, if they're not interested in adoptables, and you can organize your gallery in a better way.

:bulletgreen: Be a member of Adoptables Groups
dA is a big community and the sheer amount of new deviations every day makes it hard for your art to be seen. Considering that you just made a new account for your adoptables, you have basically no watchers whatsoever so how can you get the exposure you need to sell your characters? The answer is join Adoptables Groups. By doing this you can do two things, the first is submit your adoptables to their gallery and advertise them, the second is observing the trends, what people like to draw and buy more.

Make Adoptables
Adoptables Tutorial

It is always hard to decide how to price your own adoptables and there are no guidelines for this. There are, however, two lines of thought on this:

:bulletgreen: Timer Pay
You decide how much you think your *time* is worth. So, if you take half an hour to make an adoptable and you think your time is worth 800pts/$10 an hour, then the adoptable is going to cost 400pts/$5. While this method is more fair to the artist (you), you should also take into account what your current drawing level is. (Remember that the buyer doesn't see the effort, only the result, and better looking characters sell for more.)

:bulletgreen: Mean Pay
Look around, take twenty or thirty adoptables that generally look like yours (drawing style, flats/CG, anthro/animal) and look at how they were priced. Then choose something in the middle. This is a method that follows the general pricing, so it will be easier to sell your characters if you price them like this, but it also disregards any effort you might have put in the making of your adoptable.

The Secrets: Patience and Exposure

:bulletgreen: Exposure
dA is a big community, among the many artists who are looking for a character to adopt there is certainly one that would adopt yours, but you can't expect them to come knocking at your door, begging you to sell them your character. You need to advertise your adoptables, submit them to many Adoptables Groups, maybe add a link in your signature to your Adoptables Account. Why do you think the big companies spend so much money on advertising?

:bulletgreen: Patience
In the end, Adoptables Selling comes down to this and only this. Patience and staying strong on your own rules.
I'm usually sympathetic when people want to buy my adoptables and tell me that they can't afford them because their adoptables *don't sell*, but I become a bit annoyed when I go to their page and see that their 20 points adoptables are all sold through trades and drawptions.

Selling adoptables can be hard and it may take a lot of time, even months, you can't simply give up after a few days! If you are not concerned about the points/money, then write in the rules that you're open for trades too, but don't write that it's *points!only* and then give adoptables out to the first person who begs you with a pretty please. Doing this is pretty dangerous for a seller because you show your customers that, with enough begging, you will yield to their requests because you have done so before. And an artist who has adopted from you through a trade, will ask you *again* if they see something else that they like.

(If you are unable to refuse them, then offer them a trade for a *new* design, like an art trade. This way you still have your adoptable to sell and you've made the other person happy.)

Adoptables Journals Series:
Adoptables, Basics for Adopters
Adoptables, Basics for Adoptables Artists
Adoptables Tutorial
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Adoptables, Design Tutorial
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Adoptables, Original Species Confusion
Adoptables, I sold one, now what?
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lindadoce Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
I was thiking about doing one but yet I still haven't gotten one thing,after selling the adoptable how to send the person the unwaterwarked* version?
*Idk if its right that.
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Yes, it's right, and you can do it by sending the file via mail or using, whichever you prefer.
lindadoce Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Thanks,I looked all around and couldn't find a answer for it.
SoniTheTenrec Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey, I guess I'm a bit late to the party, asking about this now, but I have this new species I designed which I was planning on making point adoptables for. (and I think they look pretty unique--they aren't just like dogs with wings or something so I doubt they can be copied by accident)

Only, I'm really nervous about putting them up on DeviantART because of all these stories about closed species being stolen and how you can't actually close a species as people can still take it for themselves legally. It wouldn't be a problem if I were more popular on here but I'm not.

My question is, how do you combat art thieves if nobody knows they stole it? After all, nobody would know that I created the species so what's stopping anybody from taking it and making it bigger for themselves?
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Well, nobody can stop thieves, and that's one thing you can be sure of, so watermarking you drawings is a way of avoiding the theft of the art itself. As for the concept, the thing is a bit more complicated.

You cannot be sure that nobody stole your species design and re-created it, it depends a lot on exposure. Let me explain; if you do an adoptable and never submit it to any group and only have a handful of watchers, you're not giving it exposure and a thief taking the concept can be pretty sure that, if they do not expose the species much themselves, they'll rarely be found out. On the other hand, if you submit it to many groups you're giving it a lot of exposure and the chances that somebody will recognize the design will increase. They'll never be 100% but they're surely better than nothing.

As for the thief making the species 'bigger' that what you made it... Well, that's a bit hard. And if they really make it more famous, then it won't be hard for you to find them out. Or their fans, who'll probably tell you that you stole the design before checking the submission date. ^^;

The thing is, the majority of art thieves are not intelligent people because theft is a crime and if you're intelligent, you know that's wrong and you don't do it. Or at least you think very hard about it. And that's why thieves get caught quickly, because they want to get points and money quickly, so they submit it to a lot of groups, generally don't take the time to re-make the adoptables, just steal the image and manage to scam two or three people before somebody finds them out and alerts the groups and the possible purchasers.

tl;dr = You cannot stop thieves and they'll always be a risk, but if you expose yourself enough, people will help you find them out. They're usually wuite good at getting caught anyway.
SoniTheTenrec Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ohhh, that makes so much sense, thank you!! (So basically, get more exposure, and then there's a bigger chance someone will recognize your character. ) Thanks so much--that really helped!! I'll put my species on DeviantART within this month. If you want, you can have one free of charge...I made my first two batches free to my friends but you seem pretty awesome too!! I am a dummy! 
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
You're welcome, I wish you luck and if you want to gift me one, I'll be honoured to take care of it. :)
SoniTheTenrec Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Of course!! Thank you once again!! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
LaGustieGal Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there certain thing you should do to give them away once they've bought it?
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
Change the status to closed and don't sell it to anyone else. ;)
Other than that, if you want to give them a bigger version or an unwatermarked one, you can (though mail or but it's not mandatory. ;)
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