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January 25, 2012


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Since I've been asked these questions a lot, I thought to write some journals about it. This is from an Adopter's point of view.

What are adoptables?
Adoptables are "characters" that you can purchase for your personal use. They can be animals, humans, objects... Anything and everything can be turned into an adoptable.

What exactly *is* it that I'm adopting?
You're adopting the *character* itself, not the design, not the art, just the character.
Take this adoptable:
DESIGNHaven MASCOT by Karijn-s-Basement
Art = The drawing itself = Right remains to the artist
Original Species = The lines = Right remains to the artist, unless the species is for adoption too (Not valid in case of existing species such as wolves, cats, etc....)
Design = Black coat/Golden wings/Pattern on Tail = Right remains to the artist
Character = (Original Species + Design) = This is yours

You are basically adopting the right to use the character as a whole, species + design/pattern. Usually, artists are able to do a lot of different designs so it is unlikely that that *exact* design will be recycled with another species. Orange fur with black stripes on a dog can be used again on a horse, but they are still different *characters*.

Why should I adopt one?
There are lots of reasons to adopt a character. Because you want a fursona, because you want a pet for your OC, because you like the way they look... Anyone has a different motivation for wanting an adoptable.

Where do I find them?
You can either browse dA by searching for 'adoptables' or you can go to an adoptables group. There are a lot of groups, so you might want to look at more than just one, to increase your chances to find the perfect character for you.

How do I adopt an adoptable?
First of all, you need to know that almost all adoptables have a 'first come, first serve' rule. Meaning that the first one to offer the artist what they ask, becomes the owner.
This being said, there are four main ways to purchase an adoptable:

:bulletgreen: For Free
Since they're free and you get them with little effort but be there at the right moment and place, they're the first to go. Your best bet in getting one of this kind is by watching the artist who does them.

:bulletgreen: Draw to Adopt
a) With reservation = You were the first to ask for the adoptable, so you only need to submit a drawing of the adoptable and you're done
b) Without reservation = It's like a small contest, everyone submits their drawing and the artist chooses the one they like best

:bulletgreen: Trade
You'll be asked to draw something (one of the artist's OCs or a design of your own) in exchange for the adoptable.

:bulletgreen: For Points/Cash
Not much to say here, points are dA's currency and cash is real money. There's usually a time limit to send the payment to the artist.

And always, always remember to read the artist comments and follow their rules. You might find that some are more lenient than others and will bend the rules a bit, others stick to what they have written and there's no way to change their mind. To avoid upsetting the artist and creating useless drama, please read the rules. Asking never hurts, but if they've clearly stated that what you want is *not* going to happen, please don't push.

Adoptables Journals Series:
Adoptables, Basics for Adopters
Adoptables, Basics for Adoptables Artists
Adoptables Tutorial
Adoptables, Writing an Artist's Description
Adoptables, Customs
Adoptables, Design Tutorial
Adoptables, Buying Adoptables
Adoptables, Pricing
Original Species Tutorial
Adoptables, Auctions
Adoptables, Original Species Confusion
Adoptables, I sold one, now what?
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loulouadoption0626 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
You haven't made this very clear... How do I give them the adoptable!!!????
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
This is the Journal for you: karijn-s-basement.deviantart.c…
loulouadoption0626 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have already read it.:baffled: 
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
By using or sending the file by mail.
loulouadoption0626 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh thanks!! I forgot I commented on that :)
thamifsampaio Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student General Artist
May I ask you something that for me still not clear?

For example, let's say that I've bought an adoptable.
I will receive just the right to use it?
Another example to help (or not), If I've done a adoptable, I should give something like a .psd archive or something for the "new owner" to download?

I may look like a completely dumb, but, I just don't know it! :iconrikerplz: 
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
The answer to your first question is yes, you buy just the right to use the adoptable, but you're also the only one that can say that that character is yours. For example, you can do a fanart of Naruto Uzumaki if you want, but he's not your character. Well, this one is.

For the other question the answer is, not necessarily. I give out unwatermarked files only of some of my adopts and absolutely never of my .pds files. It's your choice, as the adoptable maker, to decide if you want to give files out other than the one you posted. Simply write in the description if you do/don't give out bigger or unwatermarked files and that's it.

(Why is that that giving out .psd files is dangerous? It's because a .pds file is basically a template to the drawing, and anyone with it and a layer supporting program can replicate the drawing with other colours. You've just given out a base instead of an adoptable. You can sell bases too, don't let me stop you, just be aware of what you're doing. ;))
thamifsampaio Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! Bro hug 
now everything it's clear for me! Meow :3 
Karijn-s-Basement Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
You're welcome. ;)
chococheeb Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
ooh this seems like a fun idea
although i feel like my adopts won't get much attention because i'm like a shadow on dA right now :c
do you have any tips to get noticed on dA? i wanna try out this adoptables idea C:
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